Super Storm Cliff, 1st Am. Shooting Dog Ridgerunner’s Bird Dog Club

Super Storm Cliff

The historic Freeland Kennel Club grounds was the host of the spring Ridgerunner’s FTC events, April 29, 2023. When I, Bob Watts, moved back to eastern PA in the late 1960s, Freeland was a regular and popular stop for pros and amateurs on the field trial circuit. Now, more than 50 years later our 3-year old, Super Storm Cliff, also returned to these improved grounds after winning here in the fall of 2022. While “Cliff” only had one find here in the fall of 2022 to win the stake, here in the spring he scored five well-spaced finds. Each encounter with quail bore witness to his high style and pointing intensity. All finds were steady-to-wing and shot executed without moving virtually a hair. Not only was “Cliff” the bird finding star of the day, he put down a strong ground hunting pattern exhibiting plenty of drive. Classy moving and hard driving, “Cliff” won a lot of admirers this day.