Super Storm adds another title to his record at Region 1 ASD Championship

Super Storm Cliff

Super Storm continues to build his record. On top of his RU title at the USC National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship this spring, “Fed” went out at the Region 1 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship and put on a strong 5-find performance to be named RU Champion at this event as well. Held over the John Stolgitis Wildlife Area at Arcadia, Rhode Island, the dogs all faced blistering heat in the days leading up to the trial–extremely uncommon for April in New England. Temperatures were pushing into the upper-80s as the “Fed” traveled first to the USC National Open Shooting Dog trial and then to the Region 1. There was nowhere to hide from the heat as it was unsafe to lay up in crates in the truck cap. Staked out in woods for a few days was the best that could be had. It wasn’t until after dark that it was safe to put the dogs back in their crates on the truck and leave to get food and drink.. After several days of this devastating weather, we wondered how “Fed” would perform for an hour. Fortunately temperatures did ease back into the 70s for his brace-no exactly ideal bird hunting weather. In the face of this “Fed” rendered a sharp 5-find performance. The judges elevated “Fed”‘s effort to championship status stating that it was his “crisp birdwork” that really stood out. As the clock wound down toward the 60 minute mark the course emerged from a woody section and a long open field lie ahead. The judges told handler, Thor Kain, that they wanted to see something special once they got to this open field. As the party emerged from the woods, “Fed” was spotted as a white dot cruising out more than 200 yards ahead, going with plenty of jump, crack and determination along the edge of the field taking it to the end without any coaxing from his handler. This was just what the judges were looking for and they elevated “Fed” to the championship circle in this talent-laden 20 dog field. Congratulations to Tim Cavanaugh and Little Miss Bella, pointer female, the champion