Super Storm again recognized as a top US Complete performer earning 2023-2024 RU, US Complete Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year

Super Storm, our now 7 year old setter male, had another sterling year of wins in amateur shooting dog competitions. Delivering a series of exciting performances over a variety of venues, Super Storm (call name “Fed”) earned the honor of being the RU in terms of points earned in Amateur Shooting Dog stakes in which he competed. “Fed” has previously been the outright Winner of this Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year Award twice. Super Storm’s consistency in delivering hard driving, extremely classy hunting efforts marked by dug up finds where his straight up, 12 o’clock, intense pointing style is displayed have become his trademarks.

As “Fed” moves into the later stages of his competitive career, he can still be counted on to give all he’s got in the tank every time down. It’s positively thrilling to see him operate. It’s also thrilling to see his pups begin to make their mark as they exhibit the running and pointing style of which their ‘old man’ has become known.

We especially want to applaud Marty Festa and his excellent pointer female Blue Ribbon Harper who won this year’s US Complete Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year, besting Super Storm by a mere 8 points. For years Marty had Harper as a top tier threat in shooting dog competitions from open and amateur US Complete events to the championship Grouse trial circuit under her owner Marty’s whistle, as well as with the respected pro, Robert Ecker, guiding her. It was crushing to learn of Harper’s passing just weeks after clinching this award.