New Litters



While it is not our mission to raise and sell pups for the public, from time to time we do have pups available from litters that we produce for the purpose of improving the quality of cover dog setters.  We can’t keep them all.  These pups, from the best of breeding, are given ideal care and attention in our kennels.

Six-week Old Pups by Pennstar


Mark Danaka,, bred his “Echo” to our Blast Zone.  Here’s a bit about the dam and the pups.  Mark’s phone in New Jersey is 908 797-8583.

Twilight’s Echoed Promise (Ech0) is a 3-year old, light-footed, athletic, 38 pound, tricolor setter.  She is the product of intentionally tight line breeding from some of the best dogs of the Long Gone and Grouse Ridge Kennels.  Her pedigree is populated by notable champion dogs like her sire Grand National Grouse Ch. Long Gone Buckwheat up close and from her past: Boston, George, Agnes, Maxima, Reroy, Leroy and First Rate.  In fact, these great dogs appear multiple times in her pedigree.  Echo comes from a royal and enviable lineage.  Breeding her to Blast Zone was an easy choice.  His pedigree includes Long Gone dogs on the bottom and infuses the powerful Pennstar line on the topside.

During the trial season, Echo can be found with Mark and Dave Hughes.  They have done a marvelous job of refining and polishing her natural talents, turning her into a fine contender.  In the field, Echo consistently delivers speed and graceful movement coupled with driving determination.  No cover is too thick for her to hunt.  She often comes home with a bloody tail or shredded ears.  They have hung derby wins and placements on her along the way.  December often finds Echo in southern New Jersey with pro dog trainer, Steve DelRossi of Quail Hollow Kennels running the flight woodcock that stack upon the backs of the Delaware Bay waiting for north winds to push them towards their more southern wintering grounds.  After trial and training seasons end, she enjoys hunting pheasants until late January and as well rest as a well-mannered family dog.