Super Storm wins US Complete National Amateur Invitational

Super Storm, the head of our kennel, met the challenge of the top US
Complete shooting dogs as they competed over the Flaherty Field Trial Grounds in Connecticut, April, 2024. The top 14 point-scoring bird dogs in US Complete competition over the past year were selected to hunt on Day 1 for an hour and then again on Day 2 for an hour. Many excellent performances were witnessed.

Super Storm, now 7 years old, went off strong on Day 1. Hunting with speed and great drive, he toured the edges of the course until about the 20 minute mark when he failed to return from a cast. Thor Kain, his handler, called for “Fed” and his scout was dispatched to look for “Fed”. About 15 minutes went by and then the call of “Point” echoed across the grounds. “Fed” was found standing on a virtual island of cover which was surrounded by standing water. Several major storms had soaked the grounds over the previous days. All was in order as quail were flushed in front of the statuesque setter. “Fed”, now back in hand, scored twice more on Day 1 with arresting style and intensity on each.

On Day 2, “Fed” put the icing on the cake with another strong ground effort. He has always been a dog who gets fired up to go hunting and that goes double for a field trial. Over the course of the sixty minute heat, “Fed” found and pointed quail five times further proving his bird finding ability. All finds were handled with the intense, tight, high-tailed posture that this multiple winner of the US Complete Shooting Dog of the Year has become famous for.

While there were seriously impressive performances from the other invitees, following the running on Day 2, Super Storm was declared the 2024 US Complete National Amateur Shooting Dog Champion.