Super Storm adds another shooting dog 1st to his record

The US Complete Northeast Regional Club ran its fall trial over the spacious Flaherty Field Trial Grounds at East Windsor, CT on Saturday, November 11, 2023. Fifteen shooting dogs went to the line to hunt for 30 minutes during the afternoon guided by their amateur handlers.

Two-time National US Complete Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year, Super Storm, now 6 years old, added to his impressive list of wins by capturing 1st place in the shooting dog competition. “Fed” gave a performance that featured his typical hard driving, determined hunting. While he was exciting to watch “Fed” did reach to the limits at times and with that he did give his handler some challenging moments where Thor Kain had to work hard to keep “Fed” on course. At other times, he was comfortable and perhaps the long trial season could be detected as wearing on “Fed. Nevertheless, he persisted and along the way his intelligent application and sharp instincts had him locating game five times. Each point was intense and complete with appropriate steady-to-wing and shot manners. “Fed” remained tight even after the shot. He finished strong, a tribute to his conditioning.

With this mid-November competition, the fall 2023 season comes to an end for “Fed” and his kennelmates. Fast upcoming deer season curtails running bird dogs. Additionally, since the string has been worked hard since mid-July, the dogs have earned a break until preparation for spring events begins in January.