Super Storm, 3rd at Sugarloaf Mountain BDC, Amateur Shooting Dog

Super Storm

Super Storm added to his long list of shooting dog wins with a respectable performance earning 3rd at the Sugarloaf Mountain BDC, Amateur Shooting Dog stake held October 28, 2023.

“Fed” flashed around in Freeland Kennel Club grounds displaying the kind of running style he has become known for throughout his career. Cracking tail, lots of jump in his step and fierce determination to drive to the next objective are marks of “Fed’s” competitive DNA. This day, “Fed” had his running shoes on and for the first 10 minutes the handler and judges only had his bell that remained ahead to identify his hunting path. Focused on finding game, “Fed” went where he had to and fast in this search.

“Fed’s” pace was challenging to keep up with as he attacked the cover on the top field and had point called when his bell stopped on the tree line at the end of this switchgrass plot. High and tight, “Fed” had the bird located directly in front and he was immobile at the flush and shot. On down the stretch, “Fed” nailed a quail find on the edge of the long field that marks the end of the course. Again, style, intensity and manners of the highest order.

This was a highly competitive stake with many accomplished competitors who had multiple finds and strong hunting efforts. “Fed’s” hunting effort was rangy and this along with his sharp finds earned him a placement for him and his handler, Thor Kain.