Super Storm, 1st Mountain View BDC Amateur Shooting Dog


Super Storm added another quality win to his record as he won the Amateur Shooting Dog stake at the Mountain View Bird Dog Club trial, September 16, 2023. “Fed”, two-time US Complete Shooting Dog of the Year, put forward the kind of flashy, tail-crackin’ hunting effort that is his trademark. At 13 he was found standing tall in a thicket where handler, Thor Kain, flushed the accurately located quarry with “Fed” staying high and tight even after the flush. On he went, forward, scouring the many objectives on the Mountain View course. Heavy cover did not deter “Fed” who rimmed field edges and explored islands of cover created when a farmer, decades ago, picked the field clear of rocks. At 24 minutes point was called for “Fed” as he stood just inside the edge at the end of a long field. Again, his style was magnificent and he had the bird located for Thor to put to wing. Down the stretch “Fed” continued to run hard and with plenty of jump in his step. He’s in great condition and even the warming temperatures were not a deterrent to a strong energetic finish. It’s been a thrill to have a dog like “Fed” who can put on show in a workout or in a field trial with friends watching.