Super Storm Cliff scores threesome at Mountain View in shooting dog win

Super Storm Cliff

Super Storm Cliff placed third in the 18 dog amateur shooting dog stake at the Mountain View FTC on September 16. A field of 18 hunted the grounds which are dedicated to bird dog training and field trials. Cliff ran and hunted hard and his efforts were rewarded with finds on three different game birds. At 12 minutes he handled a quail with high style and intensity. At 20 he had a chukar on the wood’s edge with the bird flushing well out in front of his high styled point. Headed out across an open field near the road crossing Cliff pointed to the right of the handler. Thor Kain flushed well out in front of Cliff but no bird was disturbed. He released his charge and Cliff went on forward another 40 yards and stopped immediately as a cock pheasant got up another 15 yards in front of him. And honest stop-to-flush. Released Cliff was looking hard for a fourth game bird as woodcock were found in the alders on the back course but he had to settle for the threesome of quail, chukar and pheasant. Leaves me to wonder how many dogs this season will handle successfully three different game birds in a half hour field trial hunt?