Super Storm Fred, puppy, shows a lot of promise

Super Storm Fred, our 2023 male pup, has been thrilling us in workouts throughout the late spring and summer. Sired by Super Storm ex Pinekone Play Girl, a female sired by multiple Ch. Merritt’s Zachary. We acquired Girl in 2022 from Ashby Morgan. Fred was our pick of the 7 males in the litter.

To date Fred has fulfilled all the hopes we had for this mating. Fred has size, long-legs, a perfectly straight tail running and on point, cracky running style, drive, range and he has been getting woodcock and pheasants pointed regularly and from surprising distances. He’s a relatively calm dog who is easy to have around the kennel and to work with.

Bob, with over fifty-five years of breeding and developing young dogs who have gone on to win in more than forty championship placements, says “at this point in his development, Fred’s the best pup I’ve ever seen. Many things can go wrong in the development of a bird dog, but it’s performances like Fred’s been giving that keep me fired up and excited about running bird dogs.”