Super Storm Hank, 1st at Mountain View BDC, Amateur Horseback Derby

Superstorm Hank

Super Storm Hank, (Maximum Resistance ex Gold Rush) won the Mountain View Bird Dog Club Amateur Horseback Derby, run over the Murphy Farm, Lake Ariel, PA, on Sunday, September 25, 2022.

“Hank” had never been worked/handled off of horseback prior to this stake that was run as part of the Southern Bird Hunters circuit. “Hank” was unruffled by the horseback handling, scouting nor gallery. He just went out and did his best to locate birds. He was successful on three occasions where he got to demonstrate his very high pointing style. High on both ends, “Hank” is a picture on point. Throughout his 30 minute heat 55lb “Hank” was strong and forward. He wants to please, he wants to handle while at the same time being aggressive in his hunting application. Going down the stretch to the finish, “Hank” drove forward showing he had plenty left in his tank.

We were thrilled with “Hank’s” performance in this horseback stake against some veteran handlers whom we respect. We were also thrilled with “Hank’s” performance on these same grounds the prior day where he was 2nd in the US Complete (walking) Amateur Derby stake in an event hosted by the Mountain View Club. Here too “Hank” had a strong effort and clean birdwork, to show his training, only surpassed by the ideal effort of his kennelmate, Super Storm Sandy, who was 1st.