Our Super Storm Repeats as US Complete Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year

Super Storm, our 5 year old male handled by Thor Kain throughout the year, racked up a series of amateur shooting dog wins sufficient to eclipse scores of competitors and claim the US Complete ASD of the Year award for ’21-’22. He won the same recognition in the previous ’20-’21 season as well.

Call name “Fed”, (think GOAT tennis player), was guided to placements where he consistently displayed thrilling running style and sharp, intense finished finds. “Fed” is breathtaking to watch hunt with his hard cracking tail and determined drive as he focuses on going to the birdy objectives. Since his puppy days, when he pointed literally hundreds of wild birds, “Fed” has always had a knack for finding game birds of every species. On point “Fed” is the epitome of intensity. He looks like he’s just an instant away from busting in on the pointed quarry, but he stays steady and intense even after the flush.

To earn this recognition, Super Storm scored first place wins at Northern Bucks County FTC and the Mountain View FTC. He was 2nd at the DuBois FTC and the Sandy Valley FTC. Additionally, he was RU Ch at the US Complete National Amateur Championship.

Shooting dog competition across the US Complete circuit is stronger than ever. It takes a quality performance to place. Week in and week out over various venues, through hot and dry conditions, through sleet/rain and mud, over open fields, through thick weeds/briars/ switchgrass or through the open woods, “Fed” delivered his patented hard driving effort that would make his parents , Pennstar and Straight Forward (who won 15 wild bird championship trophies) proud! He’s made us proud of him as well.