Super Storm Liz, in her first year as a shooting dog, was named Runner-Up Champion at the Northeast Regional Championship. This US Complete Shooting Dog Association event was held at the Arcadia Management Area, Exeter, RI on April 6, 2022.

Super Storm Liz

Liz is owned by Thor Kain and Bob Watts and was handled by Thor to an exciting performance. As last year’s National Amateur Derby of the Year, Liz became known for her attractive, snappy running style. Light on her feet, Liz goes over the ground smoothly and swiftly. These grounds demands that a dog hunt in cover as well as open territory. Liz is savvy for her age and made the adjustment to the variety of cover and this led to her locating quail eight times in her one hour heat. Many of the finds were on covies of birds which had accumulated from several other bird dog trails that were run on these grounds earlier in the spring. Her finds were well located–in front of her nose and pointed from a respectful distance as the birds had turned wild since their release. Her pointing style is high and straight-tailed. She showed intensity, not just during the flush but after the flush as well. Her manners were flawless over the course of the eight finds. At the 60-minute mark she was forward, still driving, still searching-a strong finish to a worthy effort.

Liz’s win in this championship event confirms our confidence in her- confidence that she has earned over the course of the last couple of years in workouts and in competition.