Super Storm, 2nd ASD @ Ridgerunners


Super Storm added to his win total for the ’21-’22 season by scoring a 2nd place performance at the Ridgerunners Bird Dog Club Amateur Shooting Dog stake, April 23, 2022.

Birds were difficult to find on this day. “Fed” came through with a back and a find of high quality. Both his approaches to game were marked by high up on his feet style and intensity with a 12 o’clock tail. Was steady throughout the wing and shot process. Throughout the 30 minute heat “Fed” flashed through the cover at the Freeland Kennel Club grounds. He’s among the classiest moving dogs you can find. Cracking tail, lots of jump in his step demands your attention and focus. He finished ahead still going strong. “Fed” has been consistently scoring wins throughout this field trial season and this placement projects his into the lead for the top amateur shooting dog award for the year. “Fed” was last year’s Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year.

There are several important field trials left in this ’21-’22 season and anything can happen but at this point we are enjoying “Fed’s” winning ways and proud of his consistently thrilling performances.