Super Storm, RU Ch at National Amateur USCSD Championship

Super Storm

Super Storm handled by owner/handler Thor Kain registered an exciting one-hour bird dog effort over the famed Blandfield Plantation at Caret, VA, on March 13, 2021. After a day of the event being paused due to heavy rains, “Fed” came out on Sunday and did what he has become known for–forward, hard driving hunting. While new to the region and to the vastness of plantation grounds, “Fed” used his intelligence and passion for birds to run the edges where appropriate and explore interesting cover when it presented itself. Reaching out several hundred yards at times, then thoroughly hunting through inviting objectives, “Fed” registered four quail finds. Each was handled with his arresting, intense and straight up pointing style. He backed his bracemate twice. All birdwork was sharp and clean–steady-wing and-flush.

Preparing for this championship was made difficult by the snowy, icy conditions that Thor and “Fed” faced throughout the winter in Pennsylvania. Getting out to road and hunt was blocked for weeks at at time. A break in the weather in early March made it possible for the team to prepare for this important event.

“Fed” comes by this win honestly; Folks recall that he was the 2021 National Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year for the USCSD Association. Sired by 5x Ch. Pennstar ex 9x Ch/RU Ch. Straight Forward, “Fed” emerged from this frozen semen litter as a most efficient bird finder well before he was a year old. “Fed” was genetically blessed with poker straight pointing style and a hard cracking, snappy tail. He’s a thrill to watch running and on point. With physical maturity, he’s gone on to add range and intelligent hunting to his tool kit.

He’s given us and field trial gallery members lots of thrills these past seasons. With good health and fortune we look forward to more exciting moments working with and campaigning Super Storm.