Pennstar now a “Legend of the Cover Dog World”

5x Champion Pennstar

Pennstar, Bob and Dick’s setter male (deceased, 2012), was officially recognized as a “Legend of the Cover Dog World” at a banquet held at Marienville, PA on the eve of the 2021 running of the Grand National Grouse Championship.

Pennstar, born in 2000, was a dog for the 21st century. He personified the transition from setters who were large, slow and heavy to a new generational style of fast, quick and snappy while pointing with style and extreme intensity. When “Rock” (kennel name) ran judges and galleries paid attention. He floated over the ground, weaving through cover with athleticism and grace. He demanded attention and he got it. When he pointed he was breathtaking. He passed on these traits, most obviously his class, to his many winning offspring–75 of them to date.

The record shows that “Rock” won five wild bird championships and one RU Ch. All these were on wild birds and many of the events had 60-80 competitors. “Rock’s” class along with his bird finding allowed him to stand out in these large entry fields. His wins were recorded across the cover dog geographic spectrum from MI to PA to Canada

While seldom attending quail trials, Rock still won the PA Walking Derby of the Year and then the PA Walking Shooting Dog of the Year.

Professional handler Dave Hughes guided Pennstar throughout “Rock’s” career. They were a great team. Pennstar was not just a standout competitor but also a standout producer of excellent dogs who themselves have made history. Pennstar’s production record stands at 75 winners produced and these winners have combined to place 415+ field trial placements. Imagine all the fun and smiles these winning dogs provided for their owners.

To this day, Pennstar’s offspring continue to win through the miracle of frozen semen progeny with Super Storm (owned by Bob Watts and Thor Kain) winning the 2020-21 US Complete Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year and his sister, Deciding Point (owned by Dick Brenneman and Bob Watts) receiving a invitation to the 2021 US Complete Invitational Championship based on her wins for the season.

Pennstar’s offspring won the Grand National Grouse Futurity 3 times. They won the Flanagan Award (top cover dog derby) 4 times. 35 placements in Cover Dog Classics as well as quail and grouse championships.

Dick and Helen along with Bob and Janet were on hand to briefly relive the thrills of owning and campaigning Pennstar and accept the plaque featuring a photo of Pennstar that will hang in the Field Trial Hall of Fame at Grand Junction, TN.