Full Breeze, RU Ch. at the 2021 PA Grouse Championship

RU Full Breeze(R) with Handler/Co-owner Dick Brenneman

Full Breeze, co-owned by Dick Brenneman and Bob Watts and handled by Dick, was named the RU Ch at the Pennsylvania Grouse Championship run October 26-28, 2021. “Bree” ran a strong of mature hunting effort that was exciting to watch in besting the 27 dog field. In the opening segments of the hour she not only ran hard but also forward with the eye-catching style that she is known for. Her application was notable and as time went on she reached deeper in her search which was rewarded with a woodcock find. Her style on point was exquisite and her manners commendable as Dick dispatched the quarry. From here her last 15 minutes featured forward searching down the stretch. Her strong, going-away, finish showed the conditioning, desire and determination of a champion.

At 5 years of age, “Bree”, who is best remembered for winning the Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic in 2017, has not had a lot of opportunity to build a lengthy resume in grouse trials. Our dogs generally only compete in grouse dog championships averaging about four starts per year. Grouse trials in our area were completely cancelled last spring further limiting “Bree’s” chances of scoring wins.

“Bree” sired by Grand National Grouse Champion ex Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Champion Straight Forward comes by her impressive hunting abilities legitimately. As a pup she began her development with co-owner Bob Watts. She stood out for her strength on the ground and her style both running and hunting. At that time, Bob and Dick were beginning to work with Thor Kain. Thor took “Bree” and gave her the time and opportunity to full realize her potential. Thor took her to New York in the spring of 2017 where she eclipsed a large field to place 1st at the Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic.

When Thor and Bob decided to emphasize competing dogs in more open field type trials instead of woods trial venues. “Bree” (still owned by Dick and Bob) was put with Dave Hughes for further training and trialing. Dick and Bob still compete three dogs in the grouse woods. Thor and Bob have a highly successful string for the US Complete foot handling quail trials.

In late summer 2021, “Bree’s” trainer/handler Dave Hughes contracted pneumonia. As he continues to recover and regain his strength from this affliction, it fell to Dick to handle “Bree” at the PA. He knows his dog well as she resides at his kennel 8 months of the year and Dick runs her regularly on his favorite training grounds, “The Barrens”, just outside State College, PA.

“Bree’s” good win culminates the work of many with her over the years and brings us satisfaction that our planning for her breeding and work in training her has paid off. We look ahead with anticipation of more good performances from our Full Breeze.