Super Storm Liz places at Ridgerunners

Super Storm Liz

Super Storm Liz, now of shooting dog age, was placed 3rd at the Ridgeruners Bird Dog Club Amateur Shooting Dog held September 11 at the Freeland Kennel Club, Weatherly, PA. Liz ran very fast and forward, perhaps a little too fast and forward, for the compact Freeland grounds, as her first contact after the breakaway was when she was found 7 minutes later on point straight ahead. She’s a lot of dog for these grounds but this made for an exciting brace as she was matched with Dean Avillion’s spectacular female, “Penny” “Penny” was similarly paired with”Liz” last spring when both placed here in the ‘brace of the year’.

Once the first find was dispatched sucessfully, “Liz” went on to hunt to the front but not so extreme as in the first half of the course. She still is fast and she registered another sharply handled find on the back course to complete her heat.

While this is the first win as a shooting dog now that she is of that official age, remember that “Liz” was run as a shooting dog most all of the second half of her derby-age eligibility period. She was 2nd last spring in the amateur shooting dog at this trial.