Our pup, Super Storm Hank, gets on the board

Super Storm Hank

Super Storm Hank, our 9 month old pup sired by Maximum Resistance ex Deciding Point, started his competitive field trial career with wins at the Ridgerunners BDC (PA) and at the Arcadia FTC (RI) in September, 2021.

We had 7 male pups in Hank’s litter and we gave them all a hard look before choosing our stylish, athletic moving and strongly built boy. Best of all, Hank stood out for his ability to find and get wild birds pointed consistently. His composure on game was critical to him being selected from an excellent litter of pups. Importantly, Hank has a cooperative, yet bold, personality. He and his littermates stood out for their desire to please and want to be doing with you (whatever you’re doing) personality. You’ll be hearing more from Hank and from his littermates going forward.

In both of Hank’s appearances we saw the traits we look for in prospects. Running style, light on the ground, cracking tail- even out in the open, straight tail, bold personality. want to please attitude and intensity on point are the main things we look for and see in Hank. The majority of pups in his litter had most all of these qualities. This confirms that we are building bird dogs for the future that will improve the breed and be a thrill and a pleasure to hunt with