Super Storm Cliff wins US Complete Amateur Puppy-of-the-Year

Super Storm Cliff

Super Storm Cliff earned the US Complete Amateur Puppy of the Year award based on the points he garnered at trials during the ’20-’21 field trail season at US Complete recognized events. Cliff, sired by Blast Zone ex Jeremy Estep’s female, came to us as a stud fee pick in the spring of 2020. There were only two pups in the litter that survived.

Cliff went to Bob Watts’ kennel to start his training. It wasn’t long until Bob reported that Cliff looked to have the traits that he and Thor were looking for in their prospects. Cliff had good size, strong desire to hunt and find birds and class running and pointing. Cliff’s determination, boldness and drive began to be evident over the summer and by the fall he was ready to get exposure to field trials. In both his first two trial, with Bob doing the handling, Cliff found and pointed birds that were pre-released or were wild. This set in his mind that there were birds to be found at trials. In October, Cliff went to spend time with Thor and Thor took him to more trials with Cliff’s potential becoming more and more evident.

Cliff’s wins over the season include:

1st, Mountain View BDC, Amateur Puppy

1st, Sandy Valley BDC, Amateur Puppy (sp)

2nd, Sandy Valley BDC, Amateur Puppy (f)

1st, Ridgerunners BDC, Amateur Puppy

2nd, Northern Bucks FTC Amateur Puppy

3rd, Sugarloaf Mountain BDC, Amateur Puppy

Cliff now heads into his derby career and we are happy to report that he’s doing very well in training. He’s showing advanced derby manners at this point mainly working on pheasants. We are excited for his future as a bird dog competitor.