No Limit, 1st DE P&S Club

No Limit

No Limit, owned/handled by Thor Kain, won the Amateur Shooting Dog stake at the Delaware Pointer and Setter Club, March 27, 2021. “Zoey” began her life as a part of the Watts/Brenneman grouse dog program but early on, as they were working closely with Thor, her ownership passed to him.

“Zoey” eclipsed the field by rendering a race featuring total application to the job at hand–finding birds. While others were recording a maximum of two finds, “Zoey” located half a dozen quail. Along the way, she gained the judiciaries attention with no only her focus but also her beautiful movement and running style. Cracky, busy, forward all describe her thirty minutes. On each find “Zoey” was as ideally styled up as you could hope for. Intense, no letdown at the flush and shot, she was immaculate on each point. Thor remarked that he’d not seen her or any of his other dogs have that many consecutive finds that were that close to perfection. The judges too were impressed as awarded her first.

Aside from her field trial life, “Zoey” has another role which she regards as her #1 purpose in life. She is the guarding and constant companion of Jackson Thor, Thor’s 2 year old so. When Jackson was an infant, “Zoey” slept by his crib. It’s been common to find the two of them together on the couch cuddling each other, napping or just hanging out. There’s a bond between the two of them that defies explanation. Good job on both fronts “Zoey”!