Pups go 1,2 at Bucks County

(L-R) Super Storm Atlantic and Super Storm Cliff

Super Storm Atlantic won the Amateur puppy stake with his kennelmate, Super Storm Cliff, garnering second place at the Buck County Field Trial, March 13, 2021.

Atlantic, call name “Hatch” was made for the grounds at the Indian Springs WMA in Clear Springs, MD. He’s bred from Sean Derrig’s kennel that is focused today on setters that can compete in all-age horseback competition. Long edges invite a dog to reach forward, carrying the casts at times hundreds of yards. “Hatch”, running with strength and carrying himself and his tail high, took advantage of the quail hunting opportunity and showing off his desire and style. On several casts he dug into the edge and then would pop out well ahead looking for his handler, Thor Kain, and then go right back to work. It’s “Hatch’s” first trial placement and he made it a memorable one.

Thor also handled Super Storm Cliff. “Cliff” who also made some impressive casts to the front once he got his legs under him. Especially classy, “Cliff” impressed the judges with his freewheeling, enthusiastic effort to the end of the brace. This is “Cliff’s” third placement.