Super Storm Liz, 1st, Northern Bucks FTC

Super Storm Liz

Super Storm Liz continued her remarkable string of first place derby wins at the Northern Bucks FTC, held at Clear Springs, MD, October 3, 2020. The Amateur Derby was not a big stake but “Liz” put on a show that those who saw it will long remember. She hunted the 30 minute course with drive and a clear desire to find game. She was found standing, sometimes hundreds of yards ahead, in fencerows with quail accurately located. Four times Thor declared that he could no longer hear “Liz’s” bell and that she must be on point. Four times his or scouts search was rewarded finding her buried in cover. On each occasion “Liz” demonstrated shooting dog manners as birds were produced. She finished going away. Some who had ridden all the stakes, including the horseback open stakes the previous day, remarked that hers was the finest performance they’d witnessed in the entire trial.