Super Storm Liz adds 3 more derby wins to her record

Super Storm Liz

Super Storm Liz, our daughter of Blast Zone, continued her winning ways this fall adding three terrific derby wins to her earlier 1st place win at the Mohegan BDC. Thor Kain handled “Liz” to all her placements. At the Ridgerunners BDC, 9/12, Liz had two sharp finds to go with her well applied, forward ground effort to earn 1st in the amateur derby in their US Complete event. The next day, 9/13, Sandy Valley BDC was running a horseback derby trial over the same Freeland Kennel Club grounds that Ridgerunners used the previous day. While we don’t generally run horseback and while Liz had never been worked off of horseback, we entered her and she responded with another fine job. Without hardly noticing that her handler was on a horse, “Liz” took off and at 10 point was called 150 yards off the path by her scout. This find was handled with shooting dog manners as was her second find that came on the back course. Throughout “Liz” reached forward demonstrating her exceptional cracky, snappy way of going. She has a lot of eye appeal in motion. The following weekend, 9/20, Thor traveled to RI to the Acadia trial and in their amateur derby she added her 4th win of the early fall season scoring two finds in dry, dusty conditions that had bird finding at a premium. She earned second place for her effort.