Super Storm wins Peter Ecker Amateur Shooting Dog Classic

Super Storm

Super Storm, our young male setter, kicked off the fall trial season with an exciting performance to win the Peter Ecker Amateur Shooting Dog Classic held at the Murphy Farm, Lake Ariel, PA, on August 22, 2020. “Fed” was in the first brace of the event that was run on pre-released and wild birds. The cover on the farm featured fields with high, thick weeds and fence rows thick with vines and saplings. “Fed” attacked the cover with enthusiasm and determination. He’s a machine in motion reflecting traits from his sire, Pennstar, and dam , Straight Forward. Flashy and eye-catching, “Fed” bore forward with a single-mindedness to his task. At about the 10-minute mark point was called for “Fed”. Thor Kain, handler, approached the tall standing setter and flushed a covey of quail for “Fed”. No quail were released this year on the farm. On they continued and again point was called in thicker cover off the mowed path. This time “Fed” had a pheasant pointed and it was quickly flushed, cackling as the cock departed. Manners ideal. Throughout the remainder of the brace “Fed” continued to hunt going well ahead and deep into the bird haunts the farm is known for. After all 20 of the entrants were run, “Fed’s” efforts stood up as the most outstanding of the day and a super start to his fall season.