Super Storm Liz, 1st Mohegan Open Derby

Super Storm Liz

Super Storm Liz, sired by Blast Zone, got off to a fast start in her derby career with a 1st place win at the Mohegan Bird Dog Club trials held on the Murphy farm, Lake Ariel, PA, August 22, 2020. “Liz” hunted fast and forward over the farm where the cover was thick and high. She dug in with determination and drive. Near the halfway point, handlers and gallery came over the top of a knoll and there ahead 40 yards was “Liz” jacked up high on both ends. She was picture on point that will last in our minds for a long while. Her bracemate came on the scene and milled about with “Liz” motionless. The chukar was put to wing and “Liz” stood like a statue. From there she continued to pour on the energy despite the August temperatures. At the pickup the gallery knew they’d seen a special performance from a very young setter and the judicial panel agreed with one claiming it was the best derby performance he’d ever seen.