Blast Zone Wins The Pennsylvania Grouse Championship

Blast Zone
PA Grouse Championship

Blast  Zone did it again this fall.  In late October, 2018 as Blast Zone stacked winning The Pennsylvania Grouse Championship on top of his September win of The New York State Grouse Championship.  These are the two biggest championships run in the east and the entries in both championships were 57 and 54 respectively with dogs representing all the cover dog territory vying for the titles.

“Strike” gave a thrilling performance to top the field.  While in New York it was “Strike’s” remarkable skill pinning a running grouse that gave him the edge, in the Pennsylvania it was his powerful, to-the-limits hunting effort that distinguished his performance.  “Strike” kept his trainer and amateur handler Thor Kain and his scout, John Stolgitis on high alert as he reached as far a he needed to in checking out inviting covers.  He was on the edge throughout.  It is the bond between a  a dog and his trainer, the bond between “Strike” and Thor, that made it possible to have such a strong, searching hunt go smoothly.

Near the halfway mark, Thor realized he no longer had “Strike’s” bell.  He asked scout, John Stolgitis, to check in the area where his bell was last heard ringing.  After a long search, “Strike” was found in a dense thicket.  Were it not for the savvy of Stolgitis’ scouting Strike would likely not have been found in time.  When Thor and the judge arrived at the scene Strike was still standing tall and looking like a bull with his head high and his tail straight up.  He’d been there nearly 10 minutes and looked like he’s just hit scent.  A thrilling find to go with a thrilling race was the combination it took to withstand the competition offered over the following days by the 53 other competitors and to then be named Pennsylvania Grouse Champion, 2018.

“Strike” has been with his original owners Bob Watts and Dick Brenneman at key times in his life.   However, “Strike” has spent the vast majority of time living and training with Thor Kain of Carbondale, PA.  Following “Strike’s” win of the New York State Grouse Ch. his ownership was transferred to Thor.