Breeding Arrangement

Contact Dick Brenneman in order to arrange for stud dog breeding services. The older dogs are usually with Dick. His kennel near State College, PA, is accessible from I-80 and the State College airport is located just a few miles from Dick’s work and home. Dick is very experienced at mating dogs.

Directions to the kennel are available from this website.

The State College airport is served for the purpose of shipping dogs by Northwest Airlines and others. Your dog will be picked up promptly upon the arrival of her flight.

We suggest that you plan ahead and let us know of your intentions to breed before the dog comes into season. After having made arrangements, we suggest that you leave your dog at the kennel for several days so that she is there when she is ready to breed and so that she can be mated at least twice. Even the most alert owner can “miss” exactly when a female comes into season and we have had folks make long trips to our kennel only to find that their dog was already past her prime breeding period. One vet drove in from Kansas with his bitch who was uncooperative in mating—the local State College vet confirmed she was no longer in season.

Also, it is a good practice to mate dogs twice. If your dog is left in the kennel for several days during her prime breeding period, we can mate her one day, skip a day and mate her again. This will give you an excellent chance for conception.

The stud fee for our male dogs is:

5X Champion Pennstar (deceased)
Frozen semen, available by private treaty, call Dick or Bob
Grand National Grouse Champion Body Guard (deceased) Frozen semen, available by private treaty, call Dick or Bob
Ch. Full Blast $800

Stud fees are traditionally paid at the time of service. We do not charge for boarding your dog. We do not charge for picking up your dog at the State College airport.

If you are interested in these services, please click here to contact us.