Sorber Run Serena passes–October, 2010

Sorber Run Serena, dam of Grand National Grouse Champion Full Tilt and multiple all-age grouse winner Bold Move, has died.  Serena was a dog bred by our kennel mating Grindstone to Scirrocco.  Grindstone was by Body Guard and Grindstone’s influence on the speed and flashiness of Serena’s offspring was obvious.  Grindstone was an exceptionally classy dog and this was passed on through to the next generations.  Serena’s dam was also sired by Grand National Grouse Ch. Body Guard.  Body Guard’s drive is apparent in Serena and her pups.

Serena was whelped in our kennel in the same year that we had a litter by Super Ghost x Ch. Northern Anndee.  This litter by Super Ghost produced two exciting pups who would go on to make a significant mark on the breed–Pennstar and his sister First Option.   In workouts that year, 2000, Serena had two formidable competitors for space on our dog truck.  Eventually we sold Serena to Donnie Spencer of Sugar Valley, PA, and he placed her–most notably winning the Lancaster County Open Derby with Pennstar 2nd.  Later, Donnie sold her to his buddy going back to high school days, Walt Konopke of Noxen, PA.  Walt used her to hunt grouse the rest of her life.  Through the generosity of Walt, we were able to lease Serena to produce litters by Pennstar.   It is from the first mating that we  got Full Tilt.  After she won the Flanagan Award, we repeated the mating and got our Bold Move.  Two terrific dogs that are currently competing  at the top of our sport is a great legacy made possible by Sorber Run Serena.  As Walt said when he reported her passing to me, “She went out on top–the dam of the reigning Grand National Grouse Champion”.

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