Full Blast passes

Ch. Full Blast

Grand National Grouse Champion Full Blast has died. “Jeb” was born in 2010, sired by our favorite 5X Ch. Pennstar ex Jim Chambers’ line-bred Grouse Ridge Reroy female. At 52 lbs. “Jeb” was the complete package. He made a striking appearance on game and on the run as he had the eye-catching jump and crack from the Pennstar connection.

In addition to the Grand, “Jeb” won the Ontario Grouse Ch. and the Michigan Woodcock Ch. He was also RU CH at the Pennsylvania Grouse Ch. While seldom run in quail trials, “Jeb” won the first at both the Lost Pond Open Shooting Dog and the DuBois-Beaver Meadows Open Shooting Dog–proof of his versatility

A winner at a young age, “Jeb” was early to develop under the tutelage of pro Dave Hughes who handled “Jeb” throughout his derby and all-age career. The good start as a derby led to “Jeb” winning the Flanagan Award (for English Setter Coverdogs) and the Purina Cover Dog Derby Award for all breeds of dogs. As an all-age “Jeb” again won both the English Setter Coverdog Award (Seminatore Award) and the Purina All-Age Cover Dog Award. Full Blast is the only dog in bird dog history to win both the English Setter Awards and the Purina Awards for derby and all-age.

As a producer, “Jeb” produced pups of championship quality and they did well, particularly in grouse and woodcock trials. Of note, his offspring won the Grand National Grouse Futurity (Game Winner) and our Full Breeze was RU Ch. in the 2021 PA Grouse Champion. Of course our National Amateur Grouse Champion Blast Zone is sired by Full Blast. Blast Zone additionally won the New York Grouse Championship and The Pennsylvania Grouse Championship.

In retirement, “Jeb” lived with John Kritco, owner of Lion Country Supply, in central PA. John has a great kennel and hunting set up and “Jeb” enjoyed the outings over John’s farm, often with clients/suppliers of LCS.

As a pup “Jeb” was worked by co-owner Bob Watts on the few remaining wild pheasants in PA. From these experiences “Jeb” moved to running over “The Barrens” gamelands in workouts with coo-owner Dick Brenneman. Then on to his field trial career with trainer/handler Dave Hughes, Throughout all these life stages, Full Blast, a truly excellent bird dog, gave us many thrills and memories we cherish.