Super Storm Hank, our 2021 pup, elevates to get an Open Derby win

Super Storm Hank

Super Storm Hank, but only 10 months old, was entered in the Open Derby stake at the Mountain View trial held October 17, 2021. When the dust settled, young Hank was placed third. Thor Kain handled Hank.

While still in his first season as a puppy and with only a couple of field trials under his belt, Hank rendered a performance that speaks to the potential we have witnessed in him throughout the summer. Hank hunted with enthusiasm and energy as he attacked the Murphy farm course. He was forward and handled well thorough the turns of the course. On two occasions he located and pointed quail. On both finds he was high and tight and stood a long time before being located.

Hank showed the promise and potential we’ve seen in workouts and it was rewarding to witness him demonstrate his ability on such a public venue.