Super Storm, 1st Mountain View ASD

Super Storm

Super Storm, our 4 year old male, continued his winning fall campaign with an impressive performance at the Mountain View BDC Amateur Shooting Dog stake. 16 competitors each hunted for 30 minutes over the Murphy Farm at Lake Ariel, PA. Super Storm racked up five well-spaced finds while the others in the stake had a maximum of two finds, to earn the blue ribbon.

Finds alone were not the whole story with “Fed’s” performance. Right from the breakaway “Fed” drove forward and hunted with intelligence, determination and drive. While the cover on the course was heavy at places (that’s necessary to hold the resident pheasants and quail), when there were open fields and patches “Fed” ran the edges with as much class and style as you could hope for in a bird dog. High, near 12 o’clock tail, with lots of crack and snap “Fed” demanded the attention of all as he went about his work. It was thrilling to watch him do the job. His finds were executed with grand style and intensity. It was simply a masterful performance