Super Storm, 1st in ASD at Bucks County Trial

Super Storm

Last year’s US Complete National Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year, Super Storm, won the Bucks County Amateur Shooting Dog stake held October 3, 2021. Besting a field of a dozen shooting dogs, “Fed” racked up three sharp finds and added a back of his bracemate for good measure. The grounds at Clear Springs, MD invite a dog to reach out and run the edges of the fields. “Fed” obliged. Its rewarding to see “Fed” extend his record of quality wins into another field trial season.

No Limit

No Limit, “Fed’s” kennelmate, also handled by Thor Kain shared the winner’s circle as she was second in the Amateur Shooting Dog at Bucks County. “Zoey” had two finds and a half hour of hunting where she applied herself with determination and enthusiasm. She’s a bundle of energy and her effort was rewarded with a deserved placement.