Thor Kain wins US Complete “Amateur Handler-of-the-Year”

Thor(L) Receives Handler of the Year Award

At the annual meeting of US Complete Shooting Dog Association held in Gettysburg, PA, August 8, 2021, Thor Kain was recognized for earning the honor of “Amateur Handler-of-the-Year”. This NATIONAL award recognizes the points Thor earned by having his dogs win at amateur US Complete field trials over the past fall ’20-Spring ’21 season.

Thor was active in campaigning his multiple shooting dog, derby and puppy entrants who garnered over 30 wins. He traveled to events in CT, RI, MD, PA and Ohio to compete. In winning this recognition, Thor propelled several of his dogs to National US Complete Dog of the Year honors. Thor owns, trained and handled his National US Complete Amateur Puppy (Super Storm Cliff), National US Complete Amateur Derby (Super Storm Liz) and National Amateur Shooting Dog (Super Storm). Others in his string had first place wins that propelled him to this recognition which he earned by a wide margin over other long-time and talented amateur handlers. The others dogs in his string who won for him are Super Storm Atlantic, Deciding Point (owned by Dick Brenneman and Bob Watts), Power Forward (deceased) and No Limit.