Super Storm Liz, Amazing Derby Record, Wins US Complete Derby of the Year

Super Storm Liz

Super Storm Liz, our daughter of Blast Zone, won virtually every Derby Stake she entered during the ’20-’21 season to be named the US Complete Derby of the Year award. “Liz” truly is one of the very best young dogs (if not the best) we have ever had, including going back the nearly 40 years of record-setting setters in the kennel owned by Dick Brenneman and Bob Watts that preceded the Kain-Watts partnership. “Liz” came to us from Jeremy Avery who rightly saw great potential in her. Earlier we had selected another female from the litter as our stud fee pup. At Jeremy’s suggestion, we switched female pups. “Liz” got off to a fast start with Bob Watts placing her in puppy stakes but it was under Thor’s tutelage and handling that “Liz” really thrived as a derby.

Super Storm Liz’s list of wins this past season includes:
1st, , Mohegan BDC, Open Derby Classic
1st, , Ridgerunners BDC, Amateur Derby
1st , Sandy Valley BDC, Amateur Horseback Derby
1st,, Northern Bucks BDC, Amateur Derby
1st , Mountain View BDC , Amateur Derby
1st , Northeast FTC , Amateur Derby
1st , Ocean State BDC ,Amateur Derby
2nd , Aracadia FTC , Amateur Derby
2nd , Sugarloaf Mountain BDC, Amateur Shooting Dog