Deciding Point nails 1st in Ocean State Bird Dog Club Amateur Shooting Dog

Deciding Point

Deciding Point, Bob Watts’ and Dick Brenneman’s setter female, went to Rhode Island for our team’s last field trial of the ’20-’21 season. She came home with her handler, Thor Kain, and the 1st place ribbon in the 14 dog Amateur Shooting Dog stake.

“Bek”, as with all the competitors, faced temperatures in the high 80s and the challenging course at the John Stolgitis, Sr., Wildlife Area. The grounds are marked by sandy soils that are hard on a dog’s feet, wide open spaces that require a dog to reach and thickets that require dogs to dig in and hunt hard. It’s a tough test and “Bek” was up for the challenge. Her 30-minute heat featured her connecting on two well-spaced finds on which she exhibited great intensity and perfect steady-to-wing and shot manners. As always, “Bek” hunted with enthusiasm, determination and exceptional class. She’s always been known for delivering an eye-appealing hunting effort. She got stronger the longer she was down.

Whenever she competes, “Bek’s” class often is a point of separation. She comes by this trait through her genetics. Her sire, Pennstar, was known for producing this type of dog and her dam, Straight Forward, more than held up her end on this characteristic. Together her parents earned 15 wild bird championships. No wonder expectations for the planned frozen semen breeding from which “Bek” emerged along with her littermate brother, Super Storm, have always been high. The two have not disappointed as Super Storm leads for the US Complete Amateur Shooting Dog-of-the-Year going into the last week of the season. Of course, we are pleased that our investment in the frozen semen mating worked out and provided two dogs that we can have fun with and hope to improve the breed through.