No Limit adds to her spring record of 1st place wins

No Limit

No Limit, owned and handled by Thor Kain, earned another first place Amateur Shooting Dog win at the Ridgerunners Bird Dog Club trial held April 24, 2021. “Zoey” has now a skein of three 1st place shooting dog wins this spring to add to her record. She’s on fire! Consistency at a high level seems to be her formula this season. “Zoey” was fast over the ground and very snappy with her flashing tail reflecting the excitement she exudes while hunting. She is captivating to watch. Running as a bye dog, her 30 minute hunt was punctuated by three finds on quail. Her finds were spaced out rather equally over the final 20 minutes of her heat. On her finds, “Zoey” pointed with a straight, 12 o’clock tail. Her intensity throughout the flushing effort was riveting. At the flush she was motionless on each occasion. After each find she went forward with drive. Even though the temperature warmed considerably during the day, “Zoey” showed no signs of being affected as she finished strong and going away.