Super Storm, 1st Bucks ASD

Super Storm

Super Storm dealt with the dry, windy conditions at the Bucks County FTC spring trial better than the 13 other competitors in the amateur shooting dog stake and for that he came away with first place. Conditions were tough for bird finding as no dogs had more than one find and some veterans went birdless. Therefore, it took a dog with intelligent application and a good nose to ring up a score on birds. It also took a standout ground effort as multiple finds was not the basis for making placements this particular Saturday.

“Fed”, guided by Thor Kain, came through on all counts. He’s a ball of fire on the ground. Driving, punching forward he rimmed the long edges of the fields at the Indian Spring WMA for the full 30 minutes. He’s an exceptionally snappy, tail crackin’ young setter.

In this initial trial of Spring 2021, dogs who live up north had a tough winter with little opportunity to hunt, train and get in shape. Nevertheless, “Fed’s’ desire was evident as he was identified 150 yards to the front standing on the edge of the field pointing into cover. Tall, puffed up, with his poker straight tail at 11:30, “Fed” had the judges impressed with his pointing demeanor and intensity even after the wing and shot.