Super Storm 2nd at Mountain View Amateur Shooting Dog

Super Storm

Super Storm, Ch. Pennstar ex Ch. Straight Forward, won his 4th shooting dog placement of the fall season by earning second in the Amateur Shooting Dog stake at the Mountain View Bird Dog Club trial, October 10, 2020. “Fed”, running in the heat of the day, powered his way through the rather heavy cover of the Murphy Farm in a forward searching effort. Plenty of goldenrod and weedy cover is found in some of the fields. Other fields feature switchgrass, corn and other grain feed plots/strips. To hold wild pheasants and covies of prereleased quail, it takes cover and feed. The Murphy Farm is managed successfully in this regard. A dog needs to be one that attacks the cover to win here. You have to get into the hedgerows and woods edges in search of game. “Fed” did just that and located quail twice. On both finds “Fed” showed his first class style and intensity on point. He’s got a perfectly straight, short tail when posed on point. His intensity holds throughout the flush and shot. His first find was on the woods edge at the half way mark with bracemate backing and then across the dirt road he registered his last find in the closing minutes of the 30-minute stake. He finished ahead deep in a island of cover.