Super Storm scores 2nd at Dubois Open Derby

Super Storm, our derby sired by Pennstar ex Straight Forward, scored a nice win in May at DuBois-Beaver Meadows Field Trial Club.  “Fed” had two dug up finds to go with a hard hunting 30 minute effort.  In the opening minutes “Fed” rimmed the big field, then dug into the woods ahead searching intelligently for game.  He also backed his bracemate on two occasions.  Both the finds and the backs were executed with shooting dog manners.  Down the stretch “Fed” seemed as fresh as he started, busy ahead, hunting.  We look forward to his first shooting dog season in the fall.  Also, we have been very pleased with the first litter of pups sired by Super Storm.  Dr. Roger Clark, Illinois veterinarian, known for his commitment to hunting dogs of the highest quality built on cover dog bloodlines, bred his Keystone Red Rage female to “Fed”.  The pups are just a few months old but they already show real potential: busy, enthusiastic (but can be calm when you pick them up or put them on the board), snappy, bold, straight-tailed, quick to point are qualities we see in these youngsters whose owners who send us videos of their development.