Power Forward starts her career winning Chuck Pagano Puppy Classic

Power Forward, 13 month old female by champions Blast Zone ex Straight Forward, went to Michigan to start her competitive career and came back home after winning 1st at the Chuck Pagano Puppy Classic sponsored by the Michigan Amateur Grouse Trial Club.  “Abby” is owned by Bob Watts and Thor Kain and Thor handled her.  This puppy competition was run in conjunction with the National Amateur Grouse Championship in late September, 2018.  “Abby” was born in August, 2017 in a litter of just two pups whelped from 9x championship winner Straight Forward and sired by 2x Ch. Blast Zone.   While “Abby” showed that she can get out and go hunting at this stake, the thing we like best about her is her bird finding and bird handling ability.  Throughout this summer, “Abby” was with Thor and by mid-summer she was pointing wild birds, handling with with steady-to-wing and shot manners the vast majority of the time.  It’s not our intention to bring dogs along so far and fast this early in their life but “Abby” wanted, almost right from the start, to stand staunchly on her birds.  In the spring while with Bob, she pointed many birds 100+ yards ahead and stayed their until Bob found her and then she’d invariably let Bob flush her birds.  It was only natural for her to respond to Thor’s training to make her steady and she’s stayed that way while keeping her desire to go hard and fast and wherever need be to find ’em.