Power Forward, just 9 months old, progressing nicely

In mid-August 2017 our multiple Ch. Straight Forward whelped just two pups sired by our National Amateur Grouse Champion Blast Zone.  These are the first Blast Zone pups we have had.  Straight Forward was 8 years old and this was her third litter–accounting for the small litter size.  No matter how accomplished the parents, the odds aren’t good that you’ll get a top grade pup when you have only two in the litter.  Nevertheless, puppy owner Bob Watts and Thor Kain were keen to see what these two outstanding individuals would produce, especially considering how impressive Straight Forward’s earlier pups have been  Uniquely, the pups are owned by Bob and Thor as Bob’s partner, Dick Brenneman, has decided to focus on campaigning the partnership’s older dogs, no longer developing pups.  Lo and behold, despite the small sized litter, it looks like we got lucky and may have hit the jackpot as throughout the spring we have seen the female pup, Power Forward, impress us with her hunting desire, class and bird handling ability.  Dozens of times we have had the GPS tell us she is stopped 150-200+yards ahead.  Every time, yes, every time she would still be standing there pointing solidly when we’d arrive on the scene.  Invariably she’d stand for us to do the flushing.